Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Media vs. Real Journalism

Recently, one of my very talented writer friends expressed her waning interest in writing. She always goes back and forth on her decision but she's a hip hop writer so... I can understand. Scratch that.. I sympathize. Writing about hip hop is one thing but being a female hip hop writer is another. Obviously, I'm a male. But women have to work three times as hard as a male in a male-dominated industry, especially since their "knowledge of the classics" is constantly questioned. In my opinion, that's the least of her problems. The double-edged sword that keeps stabbin' her in the back... SHE ACTUALLY HAS FRICKIN' INTEGRITY! WHAT! Automatically, she's disqualified. Who does she think she is? Writing about things that actually have substance and not sucking up to some new artist that's adored by millions.... REALLY? Writers like that have no business in this... business. You wanna know why? Its not worth it. Being concerned about integrity, being involved in the media is not the place for you. Its corrupt, political, biased, irresponsible, one-sided, jaded, and soaked in piss. Sensationalism. Exploitation. All of the above. And this is why I always say there's a distinct difference between the media and real journalism. The aforementioned things represent a spitting image of the media, basically a cash cow that leaks sour milk to its adoring public... and they dumb asses willingly drink it! Naturally, its a big business. The money involved is endless so the brainwashing will continue. Meanwhile, the real journalists and reporters of the world are swallowed whole by over-zealous editors and so-called news organizations. In a way, I can't blame the media because they're in a business to make money. But what's lost in all of the madness is they fail to realize that they actually contribute to existing problems instead of changing them. Or maybe they do realize it and are content on making a profit. Or managing to break even. Of course, we all want to put food on the table. There's no denying that. But I seriously feel that reporters and real journalists have the ability to reshape and restructure the world. The power of words is amazing. And the power of true investigative reporting amazes even more. Some of it may be difficult to swallow but its informative, eye-opening, and educational. If done correctly and consistently, it can also prove lucrative. It should come from detailed research not a Twitter post or misguided blog. Questions have to be raised and answers need to be given. If not, I'm wondering if the very talented hip hop writer I spoke of and some of my other writer friends will eventually waive the white flag and surrender. I hope not. The world actually needs people like you. So please, create your own lanes and stick to them. Then, I guess I'll allow you to all have your precious integrity lol.

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  1. Its not the research but the presentation of the findings that make all the difference. Integrity is relative in said business because as long as you are not lying or purposely making the findings look a certain way, integrity appears to be there. Said journalistic needs to drop the pen when she can't pursue her purpose...which I thought was to spread hip-hop to the masses unbiased and unchecked with payola or other motivations that detract from the journalism.